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CHEM 103 Field Chemistry
CHEM 105 Chemistry in the Human Environment
CHEM 105DL Chemistry in the Human Environment
CHEM 105L Chemistry in the Human Environment: Laboratory
CHEM 110 Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences
CHEM 114 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 115 Survey of Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 131 General Chemistry I
CHEM 132 General Chemistry II
CHEM 132E General Chemistry II, Lecture Only
CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 232E Organic Chemistry II, Lecture Only
CHIN 100 Chinese Basics
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese Mandarin I
CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese Mandarin II
CHIN 110 Conversational Chinese I
CHIN 112 Conversational Chinese Mandarin II
CIS 101 Introduction to Personal Computers and Operating Systems
CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CIS 110DE Introduction to CIS
CIS 113 Presentations and Publications
CIS 114 Print Design and Layout
CIS 115 Print Production
CIS 117 Introduction to Database Design and Programming
CIS 118 Introduction to Spreadsheet Design
CIS 120 Information & Communications Technology Essentials
CIS 122 Networking Essentials
CIS 126 Introduction to Windows
CIS 127 Intermediate Database Design
CIS 128 Intermediate Spreadsheet Design
CIS 137 Advanced Database Design
CIS 141 Intro to HTML Programming
CIS 142 Intermediate HTML and Scripting
CIS 143 Designing Web Sites
CIS 150 Personal Computer Server and Workstation Operating Systems
CIS 151 Implementing and Administering Network Infrastructure for a Personal
CIS 153 Implementing and Administering a Directory Services Infrastructure f
CIS 155 Designing Security for a Personal Computer Server Operating System
CIS 155A Systems and Network Administration
CIS 158 Managing a Personal Computer Network Environment
CIS 159 Computer Network Security Basics
CIS 160 Introduction to Information Systems Security
CIS 161 Introducation to Computer System Hardware
CIS 162 Computer Operating Systems
CIS 163 Computer System Peripherals
CIS 164 Troubleshooting System Peripherals and Networking
CIS 170 Windows OS for PC Users
CIS 171 Applied Spreadsheet Design
CIS 172 Applied Database Design
CIS 173 Applied Presentations and Publications
CIS 174 Applied Website Design
CIS 200 Software Certification Test Preparation
CIS 213N Internship in Networking
CIS 213P Internship in Print Publishing
CIS 215 Visual Basic Programming
CIS 237 Introduction to SQL Programming
CIS 275 Networking Fundamentals and Practicies
COMM 108 Film Studies/Selected Topics
COMM 109A History of Film
COMM 109B History of Film
COMM 110 Introduction to Mass Communication and Media Literacy
COMM 120 Fundamentals of Audio Recording
COMM 128 Intercultural Communication
COMM 136 Non-Linear Editing for Film, Video and Electronic Media
COMM 145 Developing Ideas for Film, Multimedia and Video Projects
COMM 146 Film/Video Production
COMM 150 Introduction to Film and Video Production
COMM 151 Video Production: Shooting on Location
COMM 155 On Camera Performance and Reporting for Electronic Media
COMM 160 Images of Race, Gender, and Class in the Media
COMM 163 Screenplay Projects
COMM 166 Writing Short Film and Television Productions
COMM 170 Workshop in Cinematography
COMM 176 Advanced Avid Nonlinear Editing
COMM 177 Protools Nonlinear Audion Editing
COMM 182 Sync-Sound Production Workshop
COMM 183 Microphone Use and Technique for Film and Video
COMP 117 Discrete Mathematics
COMP 130 Introduction to Computer Programming Using C++
COMP 135 Introduction to Programming in JAVA
COMP 135 DL Introduction to Programming in JAVA
COMP 150 Programming in MATLAB for Engineers
COMP 160 Computer Organization: An Assembly Language Perspective
COMP 200 Programming in LISP
COMP 220 Data Structures and Algorithms
COMP 232 Advanced Programming in JAVA
COMP 232 DL Advanced Programming in JAVA
COMP 235 Advanced Programming in C++
COMP 235 DL Advanced Programming in C++
COMP 75 Selected Applications
COUN 101 Educational Planning and Preparation
COUN 105 Achieving Success in College
COUN 110 Academic Success Strategies
COUN 114 College Success Investigations
COUN 115 Planning for Success in College
COUN 116 Transfer Success and Educational Planning
COUN 125 How to Study Effectively
COUN 125L Effective Study Skills Lab
COUN 130 Career Life Skills Planning
COUN 133 Career Exploration
COUN 135 Effective Job Search Strategies
COUN 136A Career Internship
COUN 136B Career Internship
COUN 136C Career Internship
COUN 179 Student Development and Transfer
COUR 110 Theory of Machine Shorthand
COUR 112 Skill Development I
COUR 115F Beginning Machine Shorthand Four-Voice: Level II-F
COUR 115J Beginning Machine Shorthand Jury Charge: Level II-J
COUR 115S Beginning Machine Shorthand Literary: Level II-S
COUR 115T Beginning Machine Shorthand Two-Voice: Level II-T
COUR 120 Skill Development II
COUR 120A Skill Development II-A: Shorthand Speed Acceleration
COUR 120B Skill Development II-B: Briefs and Phrases
COUR 120C Skill Development II-C: Accuracy
COUR 125F Intermediate Machine Shorthand Four-Voice: Level III-F
COUR 125J Intermediate Machine Shorthand Jury Charge: Level III-J
COUR 125S Intermediate Machine Shorthand Literary: Level III-S
COUR 125T Intermediate Machine Shorthand Two-Voice: Level III-T
COUR 140 Skill Development III
COUR 140A Skill Development III-A: Shorthand Speed Acceleratio
COUR 140B Skill Development III-B: Briefs and Phrases
COUR 140C Skill Development III-C: Accuracy
COUR 141 Usage, Punctuation and Proofreading for the Court Reporter
COUR 150F Intermediate Machine Shorthand Four-Voice: Level IV-F
COUR 150J Intermediate Machine Shorthand Jury Charge: Level IV-J
COUR 150S Intermediate Machine Shorthand Literary: Level IV-S
COUR 150T Intermediate Machine Shorthand Two-Voice: Level IV-T
COUR 160 Skill Development IV
COUR 160A Skill Development IV-A: Shorthand Speed Acceleration
COUR 160B Skill Development IV-B: Briefs and Phrases
COUR 160C Skill Development IV-C: Accuracy
COUR 165 Legal Terminology and CSR Law
COUR 166 Legal Terminology and CSR Law
COUR 167 Procedures and Ethics for the Court/Deposition/CART Reporter
COUR 168A Spelling & Vocabulary for the Court Reporter
COUR 168B Grammar/Punctuation/Proofreading For The Court Reporter Part I
COUR 168C Grammar/Punctuation/Proofreading for the Court Reporter Part II
COUR 169A Computer-Aided Transcription
COUR 169B Computer-Aided Transcription II
COUR 169C Computer Assisted Editing and Proofreading
COUR 170 Microtranscription
COUR 170A Summer Intensive I-A
COUR 170B Summer Intensive I-B
COUR 171A Summer Intensive II-A
COUR 172A Steno Coach
COUR 172B Steno Coach Level II
COUR 172C Steno Coach Level III
COUR 172D Steno Coach Level IV
COUR 175F Intermediate Machine Shorthand Four-Voice: Level V-F
COUR 175J Intermediate Machine Shorthand Jury Charge: Level V-J
COUR 175S Intermediate Machine Shorthand Literary: Level V-S
COUR 175T Intermediate Machine Shorthand Two-Voice: Level V-T
COUR 180 Skill Development V
COUR 180A Skill Development V-A: Shorthand Speed Acceleration
COUR 180B Skill Development V-B: Briefs and Phrases
COUR 180C Skill Development V-C: Accuracy
COUR 200 Skill Development VI
COUR 200A Skill Development VI-A: Shorthand Speed Acceleration
COUR 200B Skill Development VI-B: Briefs and Phrases
COUR 200C Skill Development VI-C: Accuracy
COUR 210A Advanced Machine Shorthand Five Minute Four-Voice: Level VII-A
COUR 210B Advanced Machine Shorthand 7.5 Minute Four-Voice: Level VII-B
COUR 210C Advanced Machine Shorthand Ten Minute Four-Voice: Level VII-C
COUR 220A Skill Development VII-A
COUR 220B Skill Development VII-B
COUR 220C Skill Development VII-C
COUR 225 Mastery Skill Development VIII
COUR 225J Advanced Machine Shorthand 5-Minute Jury Charge: Level VIII-J
COUR 225S Advanced Machine Shorthand 5-Minute Literary: Level VIII-S
COUR 225T Advanced Machine Shorthand 5-Minute Four-Voice: Level VIII-T
COUR 282A CSR/RPR Exam Preparation - Legal
COUR 282B Certified Shorthand Reporter/Registered Professional Reporter Exam P
COUR 283 CSR/RPR Written Exam Preparation