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MACH 120 Machine Technology 1
MACH 121 Machine Technology II
MACH 130A Welding I
MACH 131A Welding II
MACH 140 Intermediate machine tool processes
MACH 145 Computer Numerical Control Machining/Mill
MACH 155 Computer Numerical Control Machining/Lathe
MACH 165 Blue Print Reading for the Machine Trades
MACH 230A Advanced Welding 230A
MACH 240 Advanced Machine Tool Processes
MACH 250 Applications of Machine tool technology
MATH 025 Coping with Math Anxiety
MATH 085 Arithmetic Skills
MATH 090 Math Skills Open Lab
MATH 095 Basic and Intermediate Math Skills
MATH 095G Medical Assisting Applications
MATH 095X Basic Math Skills
MATH 095Y 95Y Intermediate Math Skills
MATH 101 Elementary Algebra
MATH 101A Elementary Algebra I
MATH 101B Elementary Algebra II
MATH 101DE Elementary Algebra
MATH 101X Elementary Algebra
MATH 101Y Elementary Algebra
MATH 102G Geometry
MATH 103 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 103A Intermediate Algebra Part 1
MATH 103B Intermediate Algebra Part 2
MATH 103X Intermediate Algebra
MATH 103Y Intermediate Algebra
MATH 104 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 104Y Plane Trigonometry
MATH 105 College Algebra
MATH 109 Precalculus College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 110 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MATH 114 Finite Mathematics
MATH 115 Probability and Statistics
MATH 115DE Probability and Statistics
MATH 116 Linear Algebra
MATH 117 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 121 Calculus I with Applications
MATH 122 Calculus II with Applications
MATH 123 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 124 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH 190 Mathematics for Teachers
MATH 199 Seminars for Tutors
MATH 223 Analytic Geometry, Vector Analysis, and Calculus III
MATH 224 Elementary Differential Equations
MATH 95A Basic Mathematics
MATH 95B Intermediate Mathematics
MEDA 100 Introduction to Medical Assisting Careers
MEDA 110 Administrative Medical Office Procedures
MEDA 110L Administrative Medical Office Procedures Laboratory
MEDA 112 Medical Transcription
MEDA 125 Medical Financial Procedures
MEDA 125L Medical Financial Procedures Laboratory
MEDA 127 Medical Office Computers: Medical Manager
MEDA 127L Medical Office Computers Lab: Medical Manager
MEDA 128 The Electronic Health Record
MEDA 128L The Electronic Health Record Laboratory
MEDA 135 Clinical Procedures I
MEDA 135L Clinical Procedures I Laboratory
MEDA 136 Medical Laboratory Procedures
MEDA 136L Medical Laboratory Procedures Laboratory
MEDA 141 Phlebotomy Techniques
MEDA 141L Phlebotomy Techniques Practicum
MEDA 145 Understanding Human Diseases
MEDA 150 Pharmacology for Medical Assistants
MEDA 160 Introduction to Medical Assisting Careers
MEDA 161 Administrative Medical Office Procedures
MEDA 162 Medical Office Financial Procedures
MEDA 163 Medical Office Computers: MediSoft
MEDA 163L Medical Office Computers - Medisoft Laboratory
MEDA 164 The Electronic Health Record
MEDA 164L The Electronic Health Record Lab
MEDA 165 Medical Terminology I
MEDA 166 Medical Terminology II
MEDA 170 Clinical Procedures I
MEDA 170L Clinical Procedures I Laboratory
MEDA 171 Medical Laboratory Procedures
MEDA 171L Medical Laboratory Procedures Laboratory
MEDA 172 Understanding Human Diseases
MEDA 173 Pharmacology for Medical Assistants
MEDA 174L-A MEDA Externship-Administrative track
MEDA 174L-B MEDA Externship - Clinical track
MEDA 174L-C MEDA Externship - Administrative and Clinical track
MEDA 210L Clinical Externship
MEDA 210L-A MEDA Externship-Administrative track
MEDA 210L-B MEDA Externship - Clinical track
MEDA 210L-C MEDA Externship - Administrative and Clinical track
MMST 101 Orientation to Multimedia
MMST 110 Introduction to Digital Media
MMST 111 Multimedia Production
MMST 112 Design I: Fundamentals
MMST 114 Introduction to Game Design
MMST 120 Multimedia I: Digital Drawing
MMST 122 Design II: Graphics and Typography
MMST 124 Beginning Modeling, Texturing & Animation in 3DS Max
MMST 125 Intermediate Modeling and Texturing in 3DS Max
MMST 130 Multimedia II: Digital Painting
MMST 131 Intro to Web Design
MMST 131A Web Design 1
MMST 131a DE Web Design I
MMST 131B Web Design II
MMST 131b DE Web Design II
MMST 131C Web Design III
MMST 131c DE Web Design III
MMST 132 Introduction to Web Development
MMST 133 Search Engine Optimization and Web Promotion
MMST 134A Web Development 1
MMST 134B Web Development 2
MMST 134C Web Development 3
MMST 135 AutoCAD I: Technical Drawing
MMST 139 AutoCAD for Creative and Technical Careers
MMST 139A AutoCAD I: Creative and Technical Career Skills
MMST 141 3D I: Modeling & Textures
MMST 142 Game Development I: Design & Creation
MMST 145 AutoCAD II: 3D Drawing and Printing
MMST 146 Video and Sound I: Editing
MMST 150 Photoshop I: Intermediate Techniques
MMST 151 3D II: Modeling and Rigging
MMST 152 Game Development II: Level Design & Production
MMST 156 Video and Sound II: Advanced Editing
MMST 160 Photoshop II: Calibration and Printing
MMST 161 3D III: Animation
MMST 163 3D Character Animation: Complex Lighting and Materials
MMST 166 Video Effects I: Transitions and Titles
MMST 171 3D IV: Advanced Animation
MMST 173 Intermediate 3D Modeling and Animation (Level II)
MMST 176 Video Effects II: Advanced Techniques
MMST 183 Design III: Page Layout
MMST 193 Design IV: Advanced Layout Projects
MMST 200 Portfolio Development
MMST 200A Authoring: Portfolio Development
MMST 200D Design: Portfolio Development
MMST 200E Entertainment: Portfolio Development
MMST 210 Advanced Project
MMST 210A Advanced Project: Authoring
MMST 210D Advanced Project: Design
MMST 210E Advanced Project: Entertainment
MMST 213 Internship in Multimedia
MUS 101 Introduction to Classical Music
MUS 102 Music Masterworks
MUS 103 History of Musical Theater
MUS 105 Rock, Pop and Jazz
MUS 106 Music Fundamentals
MUS 106DL Music Fundamentals
MUS 108 Introduction to World Music
MUS 109 Music in Society
MUS 111 Theory I
MUS 112 Theory II
MUS 113 Jazz Improvisation
MUS 116 Desktop Musician I
MUS 117 Desktop Musician II
MUS 121 Ear Training I
MUS 122 Ear Training II
MUS 139O Selected Topic: Music Notation at the Computer
MUS 151 Applied Music I
MUS 162 Band
MUS 163 College Chorus
MUS 165 Piano Ensemble
MUS 166 Piano Repertoire and Interpretation
MUS 167 Symphony Orchestra
MUS 168 Community Symphonic Band
MUS 169 Marin Oratorio
MUS 171 Piano 1
MUS 172 Piano II
MUS 173 Beginning Band
MUS 176 Intermediate Band
MUS 177 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 178 Strings I
MUS 179 Strings II
MUS 180 Chamber Music Ensemble
MUS 181 Voice I
MUS 182 Voice II
MUS 183 Chamber Singers
MUS 187 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 190 Opera workshop
MUS 191 Musical Production: Orchestra
MUS 192 Opera Festival
MUS 193 Musical Production: Cast
MUS 211 Theory III
MUS 212 Theory IV
MUS 214 Music Composition Seminar
MUS 221 Ear Training III
MUS 222 Ear Training IV
MUS 261 Small Ensemble Techniques
MUS 262 Large Ensemble Techniques
MUS 271 Piano III
MUS 272 Piano IV
MUS 273 Piano V
MUS 274 Piano VI
MUS 278 Strings III
MUS 279 Strings IV
MUS 281 Voice III
MUS 282 Voice IV
MUS 287 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 288 Advanced Voice Workshop