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PE 70 Adapted Aquatics
PE 71 Adapted Fitness and Strength Training
PE 72 Adapted General Conditioning
PE 74 Adapted Yoga
PE 107 Human Biology
PE 110 Mat Pilates
PE 112 Zumba Fitness
PE 114 DL Introduction to Kinesiology
PE 116 Career Opportunities in Wellness and Fitness
PE 117 Basketball
PE 118 Sports Nutrition for Health and Performance
PE 119 Effective Teaching Strategies in Wellness and Fitness
PE 119DL Effective Teaching Strategies in Wellness and Fitness
PE 120 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
PE 120 DL Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
PE 121 Personal Trainer Certification Course
PE 122 Exercise for Adults with Special Needs - Instructor Certification Tr
PE 123 Group Fitness Instructor Certification Training
PE 124 Athletic Coaching Education: A Positive Coaching Alliance Certificat
PE 125A Fitness
PE 125C Aerobic Fitness
PE 125D Fitness, Intercollegiate Sports
PE 125F Aquatic Calisthenics
PE 125H Fitness, Cross Training
PE 125K Fitness Walking
PE 126 Plyometric Training
PE 127 Functional Training
PE 129 Golf
PE 132 Individual Activities
PE 143 Introduction to Sports Medicine
PE 146 Triathlon Training
PE 147 Soccer
PE 150 Softball
PE 155 Swimming
PE 156 Instructional Lap Swimming
PE 160 Tennis
PE 164 Sports Conditioning
PE 167 Volleyball
PE 169 Weight Training
PE 173A Yoga, Beginning
PE 175 Intercollegiate Athletics Baseball
PE 176 Intercollegiate Athletics Basketball (Men and Women)
PE 178 Intercollegiate Athletics Football
PE 180 Intercollegiate Athletics Soccer (Men and Women)
PE 181 Softball (Women)
PE 182 Intercollegiate Volleyball (Women)
PE 183 Intercollegiate Athletic Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)
PE 185 Intercollegiate Athletics Track and Field (Men and Women)
PE 187 Intercollegiate Athletics Water Polo (Men and Women)
PE 190A Baseball Theory
PE 191A Soccer Theory
PE 192A Basketball Theory
PE 193A Swimming Theory
PE 194 Volleyball Theory
PE 195A Football Theory, Offensive
PE 195B Football Theory, Defensive
PE 196 Softball Theory
PE 197A Water Polo Theory
PE 198 Track and Field Theory
PE 215 Advanced First Aid/First Responder
PE 216A American Red Cross Lifeguard Training
PE 267 Advanced Volleyball
PE 75 Adapted Tai Chi
PE 79 Adapted Awareness through Movement
PE 80 Feldenkrais Functional Integration
PE PE 76 Adapted Zumba Fitness
PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 110DE Introduction to Philosophy (Internet)
PHIL 111 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 112 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 112DE Introduction to Logic
PHIL 115 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL 116 History of Philosophy: Medieval
PHIL 117 History of Philosophy: Late Modern to Contemporary
PHIL 118 Aesthetics
PHIL 139D Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
PHYS 108A General Physics 1
PHYS 108AC General Physics I - Calculus Supplement
PHYS 108B General Physics II
PHYS 108BC General Physics II - Calculus Supplement
PHYS 110 Introductory Physics
PHYS 110L Conceptual Physics Lab
PHYS 207A Mechanics and Properties of Matter
PHYS 207B Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 207C Heat, Light, Sound and Modern Physics
POLS 100 American Political Institutions
POLS 101 Introduction to the Government of the United States
POLS 101 DE Introduction to the Government of the United States
POLS 102 Comparative Political Systems
POLS 103 Political Theory
POLS 104 International Relations
POLS 117 The Middle East: A Political Perspective
POLS 125 Research Methods and Term Papers in Political Science
POLS 201 Understanding Globalization
POLS 203 Understanding Terrorism
POLS 210 War, Peace, and the United Nations
POLS 211 Women in American History and Politics
POLS 212 History and Politics of Modern Asia
POLS 215 Survey of Current Issues
POLS 219 The Politics of the United States Presidency
POLS 220 American Foreign Policy
PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 110DE Introduction to Psychology
PSY 111 Personality Dynamics and Effective Behavior
PSY 112 Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSY 114 The Psychology of Human Development: Lifespan
PSY 114DE The Psychology of Human Development: Lifespan
PSY 116 Theories of Personality
PSY 125 Psychology of Violence
PSY 130 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
PSY 130DL Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
PSY 140 The Family and Intimate Relationships
PSY 145 Psychology in Modern Life
PSY 150 Introduction to Research Methods
PSY 204 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 230 Social Psychology
PSY 251 Biological Psychology
PSY 252 Seminar and Fieldwork Experience