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Academic Department: Counseling
Main Office: SS 212
Phone Ext: 7432
Program Website:
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
In-depth information about each program is available in the Course Catalog, including program descriptions, faculty lists, degree requirements, and course listings. The Course Catalog is available to view and print in PDF* format.
About the Program

Counseling courses are designed to provide an in-depth exploration into the process of self-knowledge. The courses are specifically intended to enhance student study habits, provide insights into career possibilities, and establish suitable educational planning. Courses are taught both informally and experientially in order to arrive at a realistic view of oneself and to enable students to better assess their potential for making informed decisions. In addition to the established offerings, special topics are offered periodically in response to student interest.

Rinetta Early, Robert E. Flynn, Theodora F. Fung, Bruce Furuya, Letta Hlavachek, Alexandra Magallanes, Bessie Ng-Jung, Karen Robinson, Joetta S. Tenison-Scott, Rose Thompson, Wendy Ullman, Charles E. Williams, Toni Wittenmeier

Department Phone: (415) 485-9431
Appointment Desk: (415) 485-9432

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Cullen, Gina Ma SS 214 7440
Escobar, Caitlin Ro SS 221 7309
Furuya, Bruce T SS 222 7389
Moreno, Luz Of SS 224 7666
Perrone, Kristin Jo SS 218 7428
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2014 82330 COUN 110 - Academic Success Strategies 08/18/14-12/05/14 MW 13:10-14:30 KTD AU 190 Escobar, Caitlin
80103 COUN 114 - College Success Investigations 08/18/14-12/05/14 F 09:10-12:00 KTD AU 102 Furuya, Bruce
80980 COUN 125 - How to Study Effectively 10/07/14-11/13/14 TR 12:40-14:00 KTD AU 104 Escobar, Caitlin
81427 COUN 125 - How to Study Effectively 08/18/14-12/05/14 M 13:10-14:00 KTD AU 179 Moreno, Luz
82331 COUN 125 - How to Study Effectively 08/18/14-12/05/14 T 12:10-13:00 KTD AU 190 Perrone, Kristin
81918 COUN 130 - Career Life Skills Planning 08/18/14-12/05/14 MW 09:40-11:00 KTD FA 201 Cullen, Gina
81922 COUN 133 - Career Exploration 09/25/14-11/13/14 R 17:40-19:30 KTD FA 201 Perrone, Kristin