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Early Childhood Education

Academic Department: Health Sciences
Main Office: CSC 102
Phone Ext: 7369
Program Website:
Main Numbers: (415) 457-8811  /  (415) 883-2211
In-depth information about each program is available in the Course Catalog, including program descriptions, faculty lists, degree requirements, and course listings. The Course Catalog is available to view and print in PDF* format.
About the Program

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed to prepare students to become teachers or directors in children’s centers, nursery and preschools, prekindergartens, infant-toddler programs, employer-supported children’s centers, extended daycare or family day-care programs.

Career Options
Teacher, Head Teacher, or Director of: Children’s Centers, Employer- Supported Children’s Centers, Extended Day Programs, Family Day-Care Programs, Infant-Toddler Programs, Nursery and Preschools, Parent Cooperative Nursery Schools, Prekindergarten Programs

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should complete the lower division major requirements and general education pattern for the appropriate transfer institution and major. Exact major requirements for UC and CSU institutions can be found on Please see a counselor for more information as curriculum requirements may vary among transfer universities.

A.S. in Early Childhood Education, Occupational (Certificate of Achievement awarded. Skills Certificate in Early Childhood Education Core also awarded.)
To obtain an Associate in Science degree with a major in Early Childhood Education, students need to complete the required courses, as well as general education courses and graduation requirements. A Certificate of Achievement is also awarded (see “Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement Requirements”). In addition, a Skills Certificate is earned by satisfactory completion of the required courses. (See “Early Childhood Education Core Skills Certificate Requirements”.)
Students who wish to enter the Early Childhood Education Program are advised to call or contact the program coordinator. Transfer students, however, are advised to complete English 150 and 151 or 155. All students should consult a counselor.

See Catalog for more information.

Department Phone: (415) 457.8811 ext. 8221

NameSend EmailOfficePhone
DeMartini, Terry BLDG11 204 8221
Dodge, Peggy B CSC 104 7369
Edwards, Shaquam K CSC 1 7613
Johnson, Sarah L CSC 1 7325
Current and Future Courses

TermSection (CRN)CourseDatesDaysTimeCampusRoomInstructor
Fall 2014 81054 ECE 101 - Intro Child Development 08/18/14-12/06/14 W 18:40-21:30 KTD SMN 227 Johnson, Sarah
81566 ECE 112 - Child/Family/Community 08/18/14-12/06/14 M 08:10-11:00 KTD CSC 120 Dodge, Peggy
81480 ECE 114 - Principles and Practices 08/18/14-12/06/14 R 18:40-21:30 IVC BLDG12 100 Dodge, Peggy
82307 ECE 115 - Intro E C Curriculum 08/18/14-12/06/14 T 18:40-21:30 KTD CSC 120 Edwards, Shaquam
81571 ECE 116 - Observation and Assessment 08/18/14-12/06/14 W 08:10-11:00 KTD CSC 120 Edwards, Shaquam
82306 ECE 137 - Emergent Literacy 08/18/14-12/06/14 T 18:40-21:30 IVC BLDG12 100 Dodge, Peggy
82308 ECE 205 - Integrated Curriculum 08/18/14-12/06/14 W 18:40-21:30 KTD CSC 120 Dodge, Peggy
80048 ECE 208 - Teaching in a Diverse Society 08/18/14-12/06/14 M 18:40-21:30 KTD CSC 120 Edwards, Shaquam
82309 ECE 218 - Care for Infant/Toddler 08/18/14-12/06/14 W 18:40-21:30 KTD PE 092 DeMartini, Terry
81778 ECE 225 - Guidance & Limit Setting 08/18/14-11/10/14 M 18:40-21:30 KTD PE 092 Johnson, Sarah
81483 ECE 261 - ECE Conference Course 11/15/14-11/15/14 S 08:00-16:00 OFF MCOE MCFR Dodge, Peggy
81483 ECE 261 - ECE Conference Course 11/15/14-11/15/14 S 08:00-16:00 OFF MCOE MCFR Edwards, Shaquam
80051 ECE 280 - ECE Fieldwork/Seminar I 08/21/14-12/11/14 KTD Edwards, Shaquam
80051 ECE 280 - ECE Fieldwork/Seminar I 08/21/14-12/11/14 R 18:40-20:30 KTD CSC 120 Edwards, Shaquam