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College of Marin Facilities Modernization: Facility Project Overviews
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Academic Center · Kentfield Campus

New Academic Center RenderingA new academic facility is being erected at the corner of College Avenue and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and will provide the campus with a welcoming “front door.” The use of sustainable building practices is concomitant with submission for LEED® Certification. The new center will be approximately 43,000 square feet with 16 general-purpose classrooms, plus a 100-seat auditorium, and will cost about $23 million. At its April 2010 meeting, the Board of Trustees selected TLCD Architecture with Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects to design the project.

Building completion is scheduled for mid-2015.

Informational Video About the Project

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Child Study Center · Kentfield Campus

Child Study CenterA new 6,200 square-foot, single story custom modular building is currently being designed. It will be located in the Larkspur Annex site on Magnolia Ave. Plans include two pre-school classrooms and one ECE classroom. In addition, the facility will house office and support areas, a new outdoor deck, play yard and organic garden as well a parking lot and drop-off area.  The building will accommodate the Child Development Center and Early Childhood Education program. The use of sustainable building practices will achieve LEED Certification. The Child Study Center completed in spring 2013.

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Science Math Nursing Building · Kentfield Campus

Science, Math, Nursing BuildingThe new 77,000 square-foot, three-story Science, Math, Nursing Building is located in the southwest corner of Kentfield's upper campus. The building includes state-of-the-art teaching facilities with appropriate laboratory ventilation and improved safety systems. In addition to housing Science, Math, and Nursing programs and the College's internal IT department, a new Central Plant accommodates electrical and mechanical equipment for the campus. Taking advantage of the campus’s natural elements, a new West Bridge over Corte Madera Creek provides an entrance to the newly constructed building that improves access to the campus from the south. Exterior features include themed gardens and courtyards and outdoor teaching facilities. The use of sustainable building practices is concomitant with submission for LEED® Gold Certification.

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Performing Arts Building · Kentfield Campus

Performing Arts Building The old Fine Arts Building at Kentfield has been renovated and renamed as the Performing Arts Building. Upgrades to the theater and lobby, classrooms, offices, and music studios have been completed. New dance studios and an art gallery/lecture hall were also part of the modernization. Roofs and walls have been repaired and outdated equipment was replaced. Technology and accessibility was updated and efficient air circulation systems were installed. Further, the college improved the exterior appearance of the building and the entrance plaza using native and drought-resistant plants. The use of sustainable building practices is concomitant with submission for LEED® Silver Certification.

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Fine Arts Building · Kentfield Campus

Fine Arts BuildingThis project includes a new three-story, 22,500 square-foot Fine Arts Building adjacent to the current arts building (to be renamed “Performing Arts”). The structure takes advantage of its narrow width to operate on natural ventilation during the temperate season, improving indoor air quality. Large windows allow for natural daylighting. Native, drought-tolerant landscaping has been planted, not only around the building and in the new Arts Plaza connecting the two arts buildings, but also on the green roof. The use of sustainable building practices is concomitant with submission for LEED® Silver Certification.

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Diamond Physical Education Center · Kentfield Campus

Diamond Physical Education ComplexThe four-building Physical Education Center and pool, originally constructed in 1965, underwent a complete renovation. The new 44,000 square-foot facility upgrade includes the pool area, locker rooms, team rooms, and indoor and outdoor classrooms. A new gym floor and scoreboard were installed. Natural lighting, efficient heating and air circulation systems, as well as solar panels for heating the pool and energy-producing photovoltaic umbrellas (carports) in the parking lot, are just some of the innovative design ideas incorporated into the project. The new complex opened in fall 2009 and achieved LEED® Gold Certification for its use of sustainable building practices.

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PE Track Renovation Project · Kentfield Campus

PE Track Renovation ProjectThe track replacement project entailed the complete removal of the existing track and the installation of a new all-weather 400 meter eight lane vulcanized rubber track surface. The new track is built to the NCAA Track and Field Facility Guidelines. A continuous strip drain around the entire track was installed plus replacement of the two creek outfalls. New field events added include long/triple jumps, high jump, javelin, and shot put/discus. New track equipment provided including high jump pit, pole vault and pit, timing system, and hurdles.

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Transportation Technology Complex · Indian Valley Campus

Transportation Tech ComplexThe Transportation Technology Complex, originally built in the 1970s, experienced a transformation that includes a newly constructed steel-framed “link” building (with an exterior terrace and ramp) between the existing auto technology and collision repair buildings. Interiors have been completely refurbished including new state-of-the-art equipment, data, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Cabinetry and finishes, along with accessible retrofits, were also installed. The building, completed in spring 2010, used sustainable building practices and achieved LEED® Silver Certification.

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Main Building Complex · Indian Valley Campus

IVC Main Building ComplexThe Main Building Complex includes a new two-story general purpose building and surrounding landscape beautification. The new building, with a spacious entryway and areas for outdoor seating, incorporates abundant natural lighting and efficient heating and air circulation systems wholly supported by a new geothermal field. The building houses a variety of workforce development programs in medical and dental assisting, court reporting, and computer technology, among others. A new library and Internet Café also reside in the building. The building, completed in spring 2011, used sustainable building practices and achieved LEED® Gold Certification.

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Infrastructure Projects

IVC Creek at completionA number of critical infrastructure projects have taken place across both the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campuses. The addition of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) on both campuses is of particular significance. GHPs are a ground-source pumping system that takes advantage of the stable temperatures underground to heat buildings in winter and keep them cool in summer. Instead of creating heat by burning fuel, GHPs move heat from one place to another, making them a cost-effective renewable energy source. At the Indian Valley Campus, the scope of work also included installation of site utilities such as a new gas main and 12kv service, as well as extensive storm drain repairs, campus-wide landscape fire mitigation, and erosion mitigation at Ignacio Creek. The latter, large-scale project was completed in fall 2008 and included creek bank stabilization and installation of erosion control blankets on bank-graded areas with new native riparian species plantings.

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