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Student Learning Outcomes and Program Reviews

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Instructional SLOs Assessment

Course Level SLO Report Sheet

SLO Form for Specific Courses by Department (PDF)

Tracking Tool for COM Common Rubrics

Click on the "X" to download the excel tracking tool to your desktop. (updated 09/14/2013)
View example of the Tracking Tool


Rubric Assessment Tracking Tool for up to 80 students

Updated for FALL 2013

(Tracking Tools are all Excel documents)

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Combined
Scientific Reasoning--Physical Sciences
Scientific Reasoning--Life/Earth/Social Sciences
Written Communication     
Visual Communication (Fine Arts 2014)
Information Literacy
Modern Language Oral Presentation
Modern Language Written Composition
Modern Language Critical Thinking
Modern Languages - American Sign Language


Instructions for filling out the tracking tool:

  1. You may use these excel spreadsheets for pre and post testing or for only one test. 
  2. On the top left, please enter the semester/year and the course name and CRN. 
  3. On the left side of the page is an excel table with yellow rows. 
  4. Please write the name of your student (or abbreviation) in the first column.
  5. Please write the score from 1 to 4 for each section of the rubric you assessed.  (Do not use decimals or "0"). 
  6. If you do a post test, please enter the results on the next page - which is to the right of the first page on the actual tracking tool.
  7. All other data points and charts will fill in automatically.
  8. At the end of the semester, please email completed spreadsheet to the Program Review Facilitator (Sara McKinnon).

NOTE:  The point of these assessments is not for evaluation of faculty, but for institutional evaluation - to assess that our students are meeting the college-wide outcomes.  Data will be aggregated by rubric and/or by GE area if relevant. 

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Student Learning Outcomes and Program Reviews
Content and Technical Responsible: Sara McKinnon, Academic Senate President, 415.457-8811 ext. 7924