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Student Learning Outcomes and Program Reviews

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Instructional SLOs Rubrics

In January of 2009, the Academic Senate approved a set of 5 broad SLOs for the college as a whole.  These are as follows:

  1. Written, Oral and Visual Communication: Communicate effectively in writing, orally and/or visually using traditional and/or modern information resources and supporting technology.
  2. Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning: Locate, identify, collect, and organize data in order to then analyze, interpret or evaluate it using mathematical skills and/or the scientific method.
  3. Critical Thinking: Differentiate between facts, influences, opinions, and assumptions to reach reasoned and supportable conclusions.
  4. Problem Solving: Recognize and identify the components of a problem or issue, look at it from multiple perspectives and investigate ways to resolve it.
  5. Information Literacy: Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources - print and/or electronic.

The College of Marin Academic Senate's subcommittee, the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Council created the common rubrics below with which to assess these 5 college wide/general education instructional outcomes. 

Outcomes # 3 and 4 were combined into one rubric as they are often interrelated. However, the single rubric identifies which one it addresses on each row with the abbreviations  ©  for Critical Thinking and (P)" for Problem Solving. There are two rubrics for the sciences - one that addresses Physical Sciences and Math and the other which addresses Life and Earth Science, and the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The Written Communication rubric could be used for any major writing assignment..  If you feel strongly that none of the ones below will work for your discipline, please work together with your colleagues to create what you need - based on the relevant college wide outcomes above. For example, Modern Languages has developed their own rubrics specific to language instruction. We will post whatever you come up with for easy access for your faculty. 

COM Common Rubrics

The linked files below require Adobe Acrobat Reader which you may download for free from Adobe's web site. Download Adobe Reader.

The following Student Feedback Form provides instructors a student evaluation of the degree they have learned various skills in a particular course. The skills are organized under each of the five college-wide SLOs. It could be easily adapted for specific disciplines. 

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Student Learning Outcomes and Program Reviews
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