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College of Marin Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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Institutional Planning and Research

Institutional Research Reporting Calendar

Month 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
July 7/1/2009 ACCJC 2009 Report

7/1/2010 Flexible Calendar Certification Report (to Chancellor's Office)

7/27/2010 Institutional Effectiveness Report to the Board of Trustees--Strategic Objectives Action Steps Progress Update

7/12/2010 Chancellor Office Basic Skills Survey 2010

August 8/25/2009 Perkins Tech Prep Final Report

8/23/2010 Submitted Self Study Report to ACCJC

8/24/2010 and 9/8/2010 Institutional Effectiveness Report to Academic Senate, PRAC, SLC, and Classified Senate--Strategic Objectives Action Steps Progress Update
8/25/2010 Perkins Tech Prep Final Report


9/6/2010 Institional Effectiveness Report announced at the President's Monday Briefing


10/15/2010 Submitted to ACCJC "Substantive Change" Proposal
10/18/2010 Revised Integrated Planning Manual announced at the President's Monday Briefing and ComAll
10/25/2010 Governance in Action announced at ComAll

December 12/20/2009 Administrative Program Review completed 12/6/2010 ACCJC's Approval of Substantive Change    
March   3/31/2011 Release of final 2011 ARCC Report    
April 4/20/2010 ARCC Report      
May 5/24/2010 Registration Figures Credit Students Summer 2010 (started)      

6/1/2010 Spring Student Characteristics Report
6/2/2010 Spring Student Achievement Report
6/21/2010 Summer registeration credit student headcount (last day)
6/22/2010 Institutional Self Study Report to the Board of Trusts
6/30/2010 ACCJC 2010 Report

6/30/2011 ACCJC 2011 Annual Report

                (incl. Annual Fiscal Report)


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