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Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

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About Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness

The office of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) provides leadership, guidance and support for institutional planning, research, data governance, accreditation, the participatory governance system and other initiatives that support the College's mission and vision, enhance effectiveness and promote student success.


Enrollment Statistics At-A-Glance

The purpose of this table is to show the number of students enrolled in each type of course.  Students may be enrolled in more than one course category.
Semester Credit Students Noncredit Students Community Ed Students Students Auditing Credit Classes
Spring 2016 5,521     89
Fall 2015 5,594 1,236 1,888 144
Spring 2015 5,660 1,198 1,508 133
Fall 2014 5,737 1,158 1,855   97
Spring 2014 6,305 1,273 1,859  
Fall 2013 6,524 1,235 2,056  
Spring 2013 6,620 1,322 1,684  
Fall 2012 7,256 1,384 1,212  
Spring 2012 7,337 1,301 1,838  
Fall 2011 7,387 1,395 2,085  

Credit figures are as of first census day. Figures for Noncredit, Community Education, and students auditing credit classes are as of the end of term.


Organizational Charts (published by the Office of Human Resources)

Staff and Contact Information

Christina Leimer, Ph.D., 415.485.9545
Executive Director of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

and Accreditation Liaison Officer
Academic Center, AC 205


Melody Creel 415.485.9563
Research Analyst
Academic Center, AC 213

Holley Shafer 415.485.9514
Senior Research & Evaluation Specialist
Academic Center, AC 214


Nicole Oldendick 415.485.9570

Administrative Assistant

Academic Center, AC 215



Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

Technical Contact: Melody Creel, Research Analyst, 415.485.9563