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Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)

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Data Dashboard

data dashboard

To access COM PRIE Data Dashboard, go to
(On campus only)


The Data Dashboard is a dynamic menu-driven system developed by the Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) that enables you to access live College of Marin data to research and study various student success factors including:

Student Demographics

Student Achievement

How to Access Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard is available to all College of Marin faculty, staff, and administrators via the COM Intranet.

You’ll find the link to the Dashboard on the folder list on the left side of the Intranet First Page. Due to security issues, in most cases, the Dashboard can only be accessed on campus when you’re signed in to the Marin Domain (college network) on an office computer. If you have an Argos account, you can also open the Data Dashboard under the QuickLaunch tab when you’re logged into Argos.


The Data Dashboard was developed to meet the College Strategic Plan 2009-2012 Objective 2.1 that states, Develop a tool to systematically track student retention and success. The Data Dashboard was designed to provide a user-friendly method for employees to access information and statistics about student information including demographics, enrollment, achievement and retention rates. It is built on the Argos which is driven by information entered into the Banner system. Click here to read the development process.

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Content Responsible: Christina Leimer, Ph.D., Executive Director of PRIE and Accreditation Liaison Officer, 415.485.9545
Technical Contact: Melody Creel, Research Analyst, PRIE, 415.485.9563