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Curriculum Committee
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May 12th, 2016
2:15 p.m., AC 229



  1. C-ID Descriptors
  3. Program and Course Approval Handbook
  4. IGETC Standards
  5. CSU Breadth/IGETC Reviewer Guide
  6. CA Academic Senate
  7. CCC Curriculum
  8. CCCCO Data Mart
  9. Title 5
  10. Education Code
  11. Critical Thinking Resources
  12. CCCCO Units/Hours Worksheet
  1. COM Course Outline Guide (Revised 9/2014)
  2. CC Chair Description
  3. CC Chair Election Procedures
  4. Common Omissions from Course Outlines
  5. COM Academic Senate
  6. COM GE Committee
  7. COM Academic Senate SLO Wiki
  8. COM Faculty Handbook
  9. United Professors of Marin (UPM)
  10. MCCD/UPM Contract 2010-2013 (see section 8.22)

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Welcome to the Curriculum Committee Resource for the College of Marin

The Tech Review meeting consist of members reviewing course outlines for accuracy and completeness before moving forward for review by UDWC approval. Curriculum Committee meetings consist of members reviewing and discussing broader topics. For example, topics that may impact articulation, Ed Code and Title 5 compliance. All meetings are open to the public.

Our goal as Curriculum Committee members is to provide the highest quality of education for all College of Marin students by supporting and assisting the faculty in the process of development and revisions to all approved academic materials. It is our intent to maintain and improve academic standards as set forth by Title 5 regulations, the State Chancellor’s Office, and the duties as set forth by the state Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

As a subcommittee of the Academic Senate at College of Marin, we will act accordingly in both a supportive and evaluative role for the on-going development of courses and programs at the college as defined within the current board policies.

For assistance, please contact the Curriculum Represetative for your area, the Curriculum Chairperson, the Curriculum Specialist, or the Articulation Officer by clicking on the links under the Committee Members list. You may also contact us via phone by referring to the extension number listed or the listing in the current College of Marin Directory.

Curriculum Committee Members

Please note that department chairs are ex-officio members of the Curriculum Committee.

Voting Members Department Extension Office
A Joe Ritchie Curriculum Committee Chairperson* x7598 LC 27
Bob McCoy
Jessica Park
Behavioral Sciences x7602
FH 104
FH 207
Nancy Willet Business Information Systems x7597 LC 24
Fernando Agudelo-Silva Career Education/Life and Earth Sciences x7397 SMN 331
Classified Representative x7460 PA 77

Rebecca Beal
Karen Koenig
Sara McKinnon

College Skills


AC 318
AC 334
AC 314
Not Represented
Not Represented Community Education    
Karen Robinson
x7444 SS 217
Kristi Kuhn Dance x7734 PA 93
Luna Finlayson Disabled Students Programs and Services x7702 LC 115
Not Represented Early Childhood Education    
Not Represented EMT    
English/Humanities x7692 AC 322
Fine and Visual Arts
x7429 FA 108
Not Represented Health Sciences    
Sarah Frye
x7332 LC 105
Life and Earth Sciences x7538 SMN 329
Mathematics x7569 SMN 343
Not Represented Medical Assisting    
Modern Languages
AC 315
AC 324
AC 325
Derek Wilson MMST x 8255 BLDG 27 210

Lisa Morse

Performing Arts x7558 PA 119
Not Represented Physical Education & Health    
Physical Sciences

Paul Cheney

Social Sciences
x7402 FH 203
Alison Axworthy
Student Representative
  *Tie-breaking vote ONLY
Non-voting Members Department Extension Office
Sheldon Carroll Evaluation Analyst x7719 SS 254
Tom Hudgens Director of Academic Services & Articulation x7374 AC 220
Administration Department Extension Office
Cari Torres Assistant Vice President of Student Learning x7505 AC 225
Jon Eldridge V.P. of Student Services and Student Learning x7618 AC 227
Diane Traversi Dean of Enrollment Services x7414 SS 252
David Snyder Dean of Arts & Humanities x7655 AC 305
Carol Hernandez Dean of Math & Sciences x7506 SMN 301D
Elizabeth Pratt Dean of Career & Technical Education x8506 BLDG08
Not Represented Community Education Director    

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Content Responsible: David King, Curriculum Committee Chairperson, 415.485.9692