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College of Marin English as a Second Language Noncredit Levels
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Levels of Noncredit ESL

All levels of ESL teach vocabulary and grammar using all skills:

Reading and Writing, Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation

Level 10 (ESLN 10A, 10B, 10L, and 10X)

  • Maybe you don’t know ANY words in English.
  • Maybe you know a few words, but you have no idea how put them together to ask or answer a question....
  • Maybe you are beginning to put sentences together but don’t have confidence yet.

Level 20 – 25 (ESLN 20, 20L, 20X; ESLN 25, 25X)

  • You know how to ask and answer basic things and know vocabulary to describe everyday people, places and things.
  • You want to express yourself better about yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • You want to tell people what you want or need or can do.
  • You want to tell people about what you have to do.
  • You want to say what you like better.

Level 30 (ESLN 30, 30L, 30X)

  • You want to talk about your experiences in life and work.
  • You want to describe how your life was before.
  • You want to learn more verbs and verb forms.

Level 35 (ESLN 35, 35L, 35X)

  • You know the vocabulary and grammar basics, but you make mistakes.
  • You will have more practice using what you know in all skill areas.
  • You will read more and begin to create longer sentences and simple paragraphs!

Level 40 (ESLN 40A, 40B, 40L, 40X)

  • You will review everything you have learned so far.
  • You might read an entire book in English!
  • You might learn how to use an English-English Dictionary!
  • You will learn skills needed to go on to credit ESL classes including writing
    simple paragraphs, using computers for research and giving oral presentations.

Pronunciation and Listening Speaking Classes:
The following additional classes are open to all students including level 10 who have completed at least one semester of ESL:


This course will provide Non-Credit ESL students from ESLN 020-040 with practice in (and more knowledge of) English pronunciation. The
primary goal will be to help ESL students to be understood when they are speaking English.

ESLN 20 L/S--High Beginning Listening and Speaking

This is a beginning (Level 10/15) and high beginning (Level 20/25) noncredit ESL course with emphasis in listening and speaking skills and
recommended for ESL students who are concurrently enrolled in noncredit ESL Level 10 or Level 20/25. Practice in speaking and listening
comprehension of English through the use of videos, CDs and other materials related to survival skills, asking for directions, giving personal
information and making appointments.

ESLN 40 L/S--Low Intermediate Listening and Speaking

This is a College ESL Preparation Course in speaking and listening skills recommended for ESL students who have tested into Noncredit ESL
level 40. Students will improve their spoken fluency and accuracy in English through listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, idioms,
pronunciation, and presentation skills.

Vocational ESL Classes (not always offered)

The following additional classes are open to all students

English for Customer Service

This course will emphasize English language skills to communicate clearly with customers and colleagues in customer service jobs. Level 30 and up.

English for Childcare Workers A

This course will focus on developing language skills for anyone working with children – parents, babysitters, au pairs, and childcare workers. Topics covered: childcare settings, language development in children, social interaction, communication with parents and co-workers, and safety. Level 20 and up.

English for Childcare Workers B

This course will focus on developing language skills for anyone working with children – parents, babysitters, au pairs, and childcare workers. Topics covered: role of childcare givers, communicating with children, conflict resolution, discipline strategies, communicating with parents and co-workers, vocabulary for safety, and preventing and responding to accidents. Level 20 and up.

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