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Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center (OWC) allows All CoM students to receive help with their writing by communicating with tutors via the internet. Students simply post a message on a discussion board and tutors will respond (usually) within 48 hours. Staffed by experienced CoM tutors, the OWC provides feedback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This service is free for College of Marin students in all college subjects. All Engl. 98, 120, & 150 students are automatically enrolled. Students may receive help with:

  • college entrance essays
  • UC/CSU applications
  • self-improvement
  • all college writing

Please proceed to:

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Logon Instructions

  • If your instructor has requested that user names and passwords be created for their classes you will be able to log in following the instructions in Part 1.
  • If, however, you cannot login successfully, you must request that a user name and password be created by following the instructions in Part 2.

Part 1: How to Login to the OWC

After reading these instructions, you may use the link below to login to the Online Writing Center.

  1. Enter your User Name.
    Your user name will be in lowercase, no spaces, made up of the following:
    - first TWO letters of your first name;
    - first TWO letters of your last name;
    - last FOUR digits of your Student ID or SSN.

    Maria Smith whose student ID is 1234567 would login as
    : masm4567
  2. Enter your password.
    "student" is the password in LOWERCASE.
  3. Record your User Name and Password for future reference.
  4. Once you are in the site, please review the "Read Me First" file for detailed instructions on how to use the site.

login now

Note: If you cannot login to the OWC by following these instructions, please go to Part 2 to request a user name and password.

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Part 2: How to Request a UserName and Password for the OWC

  1. Students may request a username and password by emailing:
  2. Please type the following in the subject line (if not already there): Student Add to OWC
  3. The body of the message should state the following:
    • Please add me to the Online Writing Center site:
    • First and last name of the student
    • Last four digits of the Student ID or SSN
    • Class and Section number
  4. Your User Name and Password should be activated within 48 hours. When your User Name and Passwords are activated, return to this page and complete Part 1 to gain access to the Online Writing Center.

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WebCT Resources

There are many support pages that provide more information to successfully access the Online Writing Center.

If you need help creating an account or registering, please email Prof. Ingrid Schreck for assistance.

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Blackboard / OWC webpage
Technical Contact: Win Cottle, Instructor, 415-485-9391
Content Responsible: Win Cottle, Instructor, 415-485-9391