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Educational Planning Committee (EPC)
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Educational Planning Committee (EPC)


The Educational Planning Committee operates as a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee and is responsible for coordinating and setting goals for planning broad educational endeavors at the College. Planning for specific programs and disciplines should continue to be developed at the departmental level, pursuant to the broad parameters of the Educational Master Plan. The Committee will utilize the resources and expertise of the Offices of Student Learning, Student Services and Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE). 


1. Educational Master Plan (EMP)

a. Oversee and coordinate the development of the plan.

b. Conduct annual review of progress on strategic objectives and Educational Master Plan recommendations and report to PRAC.

c. Review and update the remaining Educational Master Plan recommendations during the fall semester preceding the development of the next set of strategic plans.  Report new or revised recommendations to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) who will forward them to the College Council.

d. Ensure that goals, objectives and specific plans are linked to financial and facilities priorities.

e. Ensure compliance with accreditation standards.

2. Identify general educational/student services issues that need to be addressed and refer them to the appropriate committee and/or senate.

3. Establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations.



  • 7 faculty appointed by the academic senate
  • 2 classified staff from the instructional area appointed by the official appointing body for classified staff
  • 2 students appointed by the Associated Students of College of Marin
  • 2 managers appointed by the superintendent/president
  • (The chair or co-chairs will be elected from the group.)

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Members and Staff Resources

Potential Members: As a member of the Educational Planning Committtee, you will gain insight into all parts of the College, from business operations to instructional programs and learn how the parts of the system intersect. You will monitor planning activity to assure the College is moving in the right direction and be a voice for recommending improvements.


Faculty (7)    1.  Chia, Mia Fall, 2015
   2.  Dodge, Peggy  
   3.  Everitt, David Fall, 2014
   4.  Kreit, Cara Fall, 2012
   5.  McKinnon, Sara  
   6.  Newton, Steven  
   7.  (vacant) ,  
Managers (2)    8.  Hernandez, Carol Fall, 2015
   9.  Leimer, Christina (Chair) Fall, 2014
Classified Professionals (2)   10.  Garrett, Steve Fall, 2015
  11.  (vacant)  
Students (2)   12.  (vacant)  
  13.  (vacant)  
Staff Resource   14.  Faw, Dianne  Fall, 2015



Co-Chairs: Peggy Dodge (Faculty) and Christina Leimer (Administration)

Members: David Everitt (Faculty), Cara Kreit (Faculty), Sara McKinnon (Faculty), Steve Newton (Faculty), Karen Robinson (Faculty), Derek Levy (Manager), Steve Garrett (Classified Professional)

Staff Resource: Barbara David, Jennifer Medina and Barbara Olson



Co-Chairs: Peggy Dodge (Faculty) and Jim Arnold (Manager)

Members: Maridel Barr (temporary leave spring 2014), Alice Dieli (Classified Professional), Cara Kreit (Faculty) (maternity absence spring 2014) , Derek Levy (Manager), Sara McKinnon (Faculty), Steve Newton (Faculty),Susan Rahman (Faculty), and Karen Robinson (Faculty)

Staff Resource: Barbara David, Interim PRIE Director Chris Myers



Co-Chairs: Peggy Dodge and Chialin Hsieh

Members/Staff Resources: Jim Arnold (Administration), Barbara David (Staff Resource), Alice Dieli (Classified Professional), Cara Kreit (Faculty), Sara McKinnon (Faculty), Jessica Park (Faculty), Karen Robinson (Faculty), Nadia Sanko (Faculty), Nanda Schorske, Joetta Scott (Faculty), and Cathy White-Lambert (Classified Professional)

Meeting Schedule

During the fall semester, EPC meets on the first Monday of the month from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

During the spring semester, EPC meets on the first and third Mondays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Check the Governance Meetings Calendar on the College's home page to confirm room location and/or any variations in meeting times.

Agenda and Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

Strategic Plan Action Step Tracking Page Link

Strategic Plan Action Step Tracking Page


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