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College of Marin
Office of Student Learning and Student Services
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The Student Learning and Student Services Newsletter highlights just a few of the many initiatives and efforts underway throughout the College.

July 2015 Newsletter

General, transfer, professional and vocational education are designed to give students coherent exposure to the domain of higher education. Associate degrees and certificates are issued to students. Faculty and staff development is also the responsibility of this office.

Administrative Staff

name position telephone
Jonathan Eldridge Vice President of Student Learning and Student Success 485-9618
Cari Torres Assistant Vice President for Instructional Support 485-9505
David Snyder Dean of Arts & Humanities 485-9655
Eileen Acker Administrative Assistant 485-9470
Carol Hernandez Dean of Math & Sciences 485-9506
Dianne Faw Administrative Assistant 485-9507
Elizabeth Pratt Executive Dean of Workforce and Economic Development 457-8811 x8506
Laurie Loeffler Administrative Assistant 457-8811 x8108
Tom Hudgens Interim Director of Academic Services 485-9374
Marshall Alameida Dean of Health Sciences 485-9326
  Administrative Assistant 485-9319

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Department Chairs and Directors

ARTS & HUMANITIES (David snyder, dean)
Department Name & Position Telephone Office
Communication Patricia O'Keefe, Chair 485-9435 485-9348
English/Humanities John Sutherland, Chair 485-9434 485-9348
Fine & Visual Arts Bill Abright, Chair 485-9482 485-9480
Modern Languages Nadia Sanko, Chair 485-9435 485-9348
Performing Arts

Trevor Bjorklund, Music Co-Chair

Kristi Kuhn, Dance Co-Chair

Lisa Morse, Drama Co-Chair





Math & SCIENCES (carol hernandez, dean)
Department Name & Position Telephone Office
Behavioral Sciences Jessica Park, Chair 485-9640 485-9630
Life & Earth Sciences

Becky Brown, Chair



Irina Roderick, Chair


Physical Sciences

Scott Serafin, Chair


Social Sciences Walter Turner, Chair 485-9459 485-9630

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT (Nanda Schorske, Executive Dean)
Department Name & Position Telephone Office
Business & Information Systems Norman Pacula, Chair 485-9407 485-9630
Career Education Ron Palmer, Chair 457-8811 x8532 457-8811 x8108
Community Education, Lifelong Learning & International Education Jason Lau, Director 485-9316 485-9305; 485-9751 (Eve)

Department Name & Position Telephone Office
College Skills Barbara Bonander, Chair 485-9351 485-9644

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Mission, Goals, Purpose and Values

Our Mission: The mission of the Office of Student Learning is to ensure the community quality education in an environment conducive to learning and deliver it in an efficient, effective manner.

Overarching Goal: The Office of Student Learning is committed to being a community of learners providing education that is student centered, academically excellent and offered in the context of an ever changing global environment.

Student Centered through:
  • Collaborating with other college units
  • Creating a conducive learning environment
  • Promoting positive educational transitions
  • Supporting skill development
  • Scheduling responsively
Academic Excellence through:
  • Excellent Curriculum:
  • Innovative
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Internationalized
  • Outcome based
  • Alternative Delivery of Instruction:
  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Project based learning
  • Community based learning
  • Simulations
  • Learning communities
  • Block scheduling

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Core Purposes:
  • Facilitate the process of learning
  • Educate students and make their goals attainable
  • Be institutional leaders and role models
  • Develop and maintain a community of learners/professionals
Core Values:
  • Commitment:
  • Excellence
  • Program Quality
  • Student Focus
  • Service
  • Life Long Learning
  • Professionalism
  • Value:
  • Inquiry
  • Collegiality
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Imagination
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Honor:
  • Valuable College Tradition
  • The Promise of the Future

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