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Orientation and Testing
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Orientation and Testing

All students new to the college are required to participate in an Orientation, Testing, and meet with a counselor, unless they are exempted (see below*). The Orientation is designed to help prepare you to be successful at the College of Marin and to reach your educational goals. Here are the steps you will need to complete:

Step 1.  Apply to the College; Admission Application before you participate in any of these activities.

Step 2Set up your personal MyCOM Portal online account. You will need your Student ID (M00#) before you can take a placement test or register for a Credt ESL Workshop.

Step 3.  English and Math Placement tests; Assessment and Testing, Credit ESL and Student Success Orientation/Testing Schedule

Step 4.  Orientation to College of Marin programs and services; Credit ESL In-Person Orientation

Step 5.  Scheduling a meeting with an Academic Counselor. Counseling Services Website

How Do I Sign Up for a Student Success Orientation?

For  ESL Credit Orientation, see the Orientation/Testing Schedule. If you are planning to complete a Credit ESL Student Success Orientation, please call the ESL Department at 415.485.9642, Kentfield, Harlan Center, Room 101 or Counseling Services, Kentfield, SS 212. You will need your Student ID (M00#) to sign up for a workshop.

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Who is Not Required to Complete the Matriculation Steps?

  1. 1. Students who have completed 15 or more semester units at College of Marin or another college (or have an AA degree or higher); OR
  2. 2. Students planning to enroll in courses that have no English or Math prerequisites or advisories. A list of these classes is available from  Counseling Services or Admissions and Records on both campuses; OR
  3. 3. Students who can show evidence that their prior learning is equivalent to 1. above.  Go to Counseling Services at Kentfield, Student Services Building, Room SS 210 and see the Administrative Assistant, or call (415) 485-9432, regarding Matriculation Exemption.

Are You Concerned About the Placement Assessment? It is natural to be a little worried about taking the Placement Tests; however, the test results will not prevent you from enrolling. You may register for any course for which you have met the prerequisites.

The purpose of the tests is to provide you with information about your skill levels in English or ESL and Math to help you develop the right educational plan and take the appropriate classes. While the assessment scores are important, they are only one factor in developing your educational plan. A counselor will help you interpret the results and advise you in class selection.

Sample Math Problems and English Questions: Examples of math problems and English questions are available for you to review prior to taking the assessments tests. For students who have been away from school for a period of time, this may be particularly helpful. You can access these sample questions at

Confidentiality: All test results and educational plans are confidential and protected under the Family Rights Privacy Act. (Consult the College Catalog for details.)

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