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Workforce Development
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At College of Marin you can train for a new career, improve your skills, transfer to a fouryear university, and greatly enrich your life.

About the College of Marin The College of Marin is one of 109 public community colleges in California accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Kentfield campus is located approximately 11 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge at 835 College Ave. in Kentfield. The Indian Valley Campus is located minutes away on a spectacular 333 acre site on Ignacio Blvd. in Novato, CA. Approximately 6,800 students enroll each fall and spring semester. Classes are also offered during the summer. For information call 415-457-8811.

An Associate in Science degree (generally a twoyear program) or a Certificate may be earned in the following disciplines:

Career PDF brochure Promotional Video
Administration of Justice    
Automotive Collision Repair Technology 292 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Automotive Technology 364 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Business Office Systems    
Computer Information Systems   YouTube Link
Court Reporting 272 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Registered Dental Assisting 1.2 Mb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Early Childhood Education   YouTube Link
Environmental Landscaping 456 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Emergency Medical Technician 284 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Machine Technology 408 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Medical Assisting 696 Kb PDF Icon PDF YouTube Link
Real Estate    
Registered Nursing    
Multimedia Studies   YouTube Link

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College of Marin offers:

  • Affordable enrollment fees
  • Higher education that results in higher earnings
  • Job-oriented workforce preparation programs
  • Guaranteed transfer to the University of California and California State University systems
  • Exceptional faculty
  • Individualized attention
  • Excellent counseling and support services

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Outstanding FacultyCollege of Marin faculty members are recognized for their excellence in the classroom. Our instructors have degrees from such institutions as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UC Berkeley, California College of Arts & Crafts, SFSU, Royal College of Music, London, and many other top educational institutions.

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Individualized Attention At College of Marin you will enjoy a high-quality education experience in a supportive setting. Many free services are available, including career and academic counseling, tutorials, and a range of support services designed to help you succeed in achieving your goals.

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How To Enroll You can apply online at Application forms also are available in the class schedule, which is published each fall, spring, and summer semester.

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Scholarships Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of academic achievement and potential. Contact the Foundation Office for more information at 415.485.9382.

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Financial Aid Is Available With millions of dollars available in free money for school, applying for financial aid can be a very rewarding experience. Apply for financial aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by going to You can also apply for a BOG Fee Waiver to cover the cost of you enrollment fees. Call the Financial Aid Office at 415.485.9409. Se habla español.

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Workforce Development Promotional Videos

Automotive Collision Repair Technology                   Learn more with this brochure (292 Kb PDF Icon PDF)


College of Marin offers hands on training for careers in automotive technology using stateof-the-art equipment for today’s automotive industry. Our class sizes are small so that you will receive personalized attention to help you succeed in reaching your goals. The Automotive Technology Program at the Indian Valley Campus in Novato is recognized as one of the top programs in the State.

Career Options
• General Automotive Technician
• Specialized Automotive Technician
• Parts Sales
• Service Manager
• Private Business Owner
• Automotive Instructor/Trainer
• Factory Service Representative

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Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems curriculum is designed to provide education for computer-related careers, professional advancement, and transfer preparation. Courses provide “hands-on-computer use that emphasizes the development of the skills necessary for employment and personal use of computers. Program specialties include desktop network, desktop publishing, microcomputer manager, and microcomputer programmer.

Career Options
Computer Sales Representative, Computer Software Specialist, Desktop Publishing Specialist, Hardware and Software Consultant, Help Desk Technician, Microcomputer Applications Specialist, Microcomputer Manager, Microcomputer Software Support Technician, Network Technician, Programmer, Systems Administrator, Systems Integrator

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Court Reporting                                                         Learn more with this brochure (272 Kb PDF Icon PDF)

Court reporters provide a vital and indispensable service to the judicial system. Court reporters record courtroom proceedings and pretrial depositions using stenotype machines, and also use computer-assisted transcription software to translate stenotype notes into English. This immediate “realtime” translation is then displayed on a computer monitor. The realtime file is used by judges and attorneys for rapid research and review of testimony. As managers of this sophisticated technology, unmatched by any other for speed and quality, court reporters are the “technology experts” of the legal environment.

Career Options
•Official Court Reporter
• Freelance Reporter
• Hearing Reporter
• Cyber-Conference Moderator
• Television Broadcast Captioner
• CART Services Provider
• Scopist or Proofreader
• Legal or Medical Transcriptionist
• Rapid Data-Entry Specialist

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Registered Dental Assisting                                        Learn more with this brochure (1.2 Mb PDF Icon PDF)

College of Marin’s Dental Assisting Program will prepare you for work as a Certified and Registered Dental Assistant. Completion of the courses and the clinical training qualifies students for immediate employment. Full-time students can complete the program in 10 months. Part-time students can complete the program in 19 months.

Career Opportunities
Expanding populations, rising standards of living, and increased emphasis on health care preventative services point to a rising demand for highly-trained dental personnel.
Today, jobs are numerous. The RDA is employed in private dental offices (general or specialty) in the community. Some RDA’s may seek employment in dental schools or clinics and hospitals. Also, formal training will provide the RDA with competencies for work with volunteer health agencies around the world.

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Early Childhood Education                            

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed to prepare students to become teachers or directors in children’s centers, nursery and preschools, prekindergartens, infant-toddler programs, employer-supported children’s centers, extended daycare or family day-care programs.

Career Options
Teacher, Head Teacher, or Director of: Children’s Centers, Employer- Supported Children’s Centers, Extended Day Programs, Family Day-Care Programs, Infant-Toddler Programs, Nursery and Preschools, Parent Cooperative Nursery Schools, Prekindergarten Program

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Environmental Landscaping                                          Learn more with this brochure (456 Kb PDF Icon PDF)

Environmental Landscaping and Sustainable Horticulture are broad fields that encompass the functional, aesthetic, and environmentally sound design and care of our landscapes. Students will learn to integrate and apply the principles of sustainable horticulture and environmental design, construction, and maintenance in a wide variety of natural and urban landscapes.
The Sustainability Imperative
Landscape designers, public agencies, and homeowners are increasingly aware of the need to reduce water use in our landscapes and to ensure that all landscape and horticultural practices support individual and environmental health. The movement toward more sustainable practices, in turn, are contributing to the rapid growth of the sustainable landscape and horticulture industry as homeowners and designers move rapidly to realign our landscapes with the health and conservation imperatives of the new “sustainability paradigm.” To prepare our graduates for leadership roles in this movement, courses at the College of Marin include state-of-the-art training in sustainability principles, practices, and industry standards.

Career Options
• Landscape Design and Installation
• Arborist
• Horticultural Consulting
• Environmental Management
• Garden and Estate Management
• Interiorscaping

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Emergency Medical Technician – EMT                        Learn more with this brochure (284 Kb PDF Icon PDF)

Currently there are over 40 departments or
organizations in Marin County that use or need
Emergency Medical Technicians.
Upon successful completion of this course, students
will be awarded an EMT-1 course completion
certificate and may apply for certification with any
county within California. Successful completion
of the course is dependent upon attendance
at all lecture, laboratory and clinical hours and
obtaining passing scores in all written and practical
Each class will be a combination of lecture and lab.
During class, 12 scenarios will be initiated using
students and Basic Life Support (BLS) equipment.
Thirty seven quizzes completed on-line, midterm
test and written final. The skills final is pass/fail.
Classes are held two nights a week, 6:00pm to
10:00pm Monday and Wednesday or Sunday
from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Ten additional hours of
ambulance/hospital observation is required.
Each class is limited to 28 students each semester.
Spring and Fall semesters are 16 weeks of
instruction each.

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Machine Technology                                                  Learn more with this brochure (408 Kb PDF Icon PDF)

The Machine Technology Program is an industry approved training program which prepares students for a career as machinist, toolmaker, instrumentmaker, CNC operator and programmer, and associated machine trade specialties.
Students are trained in the theory and operation of lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and related industrial machine tools, as well as in the use of precision hand tools, measuring instruments, and heat treating equipment.
The curriculum includes courses in machine-shop technique, blueprint reading, electronics, metallurgy, technical math, welding, and CNC machining.
Special emphasis is placed on automated manufacturing technologies such as Computer Numerical Control of machine tools and the use of digitally controlled welding equipment.
Upon completion of training, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded and assistance in job placement is provided.
Credits earned toward the Certificate of Achievement may be applied toward the Associate in Science degree, and are transferable toward Baccalaureate Degree credit at the California State University.

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Medical Assisting – MEDA                                           Learn more with this brochure (696 Kb PDF Icon PDF)

Working in the world of medicine is an exciting and challenging career.
A trained medical assistant is equipped with a broad range of valuable skills, making employment readily available anywhere in the world where medicine is practiced.

Medical assistants work directly with physicians and other health care professionals as part of the medical team in an ambulatory care setting. As a medical assistant, you will have the option of becoming an administrative medical assistant, clinical medical assistant, or both. Medical assisting attracts older students as well as the recent high school graduate. According to the U. S. Department of Labor’s
Occupational Outlook Handbook, medical assisting is expected to be one of the ten fastest growing occupations. The Census Bureau estimates for medical assistants place them holding 604,205 positions nationwide. The medical assistant occupation is projected to have one of the largest number of openings in California by 2010.

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Multimedia Studies


This program is designed to provide a link between content, technology and creative vision for emerging technologies. Each course provides hands-on experience for professional advancement, career related training, and transfer preparation for university degrees. Each course develops the creative process through project-based learning that prepares students to be resourceful and independent, and to meet the expectations of multimedia careers.

Career Options
Animator, Art Director, Game Designer, Illustrator/Artist, Interface Designer, Production Artist, Project Manager, Sound Designer, Video Producer, Visual Designer, Web Developer

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